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Solar Power Trailer Keeps Remote Areas Quiet

There are few things more disturbing in a remote location than the sound of a power generator breaking through the typical silence. However, before the advent of a solar power trailer, there were not may options available. These units are not only used in areas where electric power may not be readily available, they can be a priceless addition to emergency crews following a natural disaster during which the connection to the power grid has been left in shambles.

Contractors building homes in remote areas find that a solar power trailer can provide the needed electricity to power tools, lights and even their construction trailer. Computers and other equipment can be used at the location while waiting for the power company to show up and run lines to the new building. As a self-contained unit, a solar power trailer with trackable solar panels that follow the sun, can achieve upwards of 4,000 watts under good conditions and even more under exceptionally sunny skies.

A solar power trailer can provide power in remote areas for many other activities, such as weddings and family picnics without the interruption of a loud gas or diesel-power generator. Many of these units are self-contained, complete with an adjustable solar panel array, batteries, charge regulators and converters. Simply plugging the alternating current devices into the trailerís outlets, provides enough power to handle virtually every need.

Providing Power Without Disturbing The Wildlife

Taking a solar power trailer to the hunting or fishing cabin can provide enough electricity to power everything in the camp without the noise to chase off the animals that may be roaming nearby. Without disturbing the woodland creatures, power can be available for lighting, refrigeration, heating and everyday items such as lights and radios. Even televisions can be used without connecting a converter to the carís outlets and draining the battery.

Most of the solar power trailer units connect to a regular trailer hitch and are available for purchase or rent from a variety of sources. If looking to purchase a solar power trailer for continuing use, they can be configured to meet the new ownerís needs in regards to power output and amperage. Their life expectancy varies by virtue of the components such as the deep cycle batteries and the panels.

They are designed so that the solar panels are held flat and secure during transport, and raised to the appropriate position using powered lefts. A solar power trailer can also be found with an automatic setting to keep the panels aimed at the sun.

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