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Solar Power Tower Creates Energy To Produce Electricity

Solar power has been investigated for years and some of the newer systems used in homes and offices around the globe. While geographic areas with the largest number of sunny days benefit the most, areas with even the least number of days with sunshine can have a positive experience. Some of the most intense heat from the sunís energy can be gathered using a solar power tower that concentrates the sunís energy from hundreds or thousands of mirrors onto one main solar panel.

The mirrors that track the sun, known as heliostats, focus the sun on a collector on the top of a central solar power tower. Salt is used in this system that is heated and used to heat water on down the line, which is hot enough to produce steam. Turbine generators are turned by this steam, creating electricity from the heat captured from the sun. The considerable costs of a solar power tower have kept them from being placed in wide-scale use, but the technology has proven it can be used efficiently.

Another considered use of solar power tower is in areas where flat, land space is at a premium and there is not enough of a surface area to spread out the solar panels. Without a large number of panels connected together, the electricity produced is not enough to provide all the needed power.

Stacking Panels Do Away With Shadows

One of the challenges of creating a solar power tower is the shadows cast by the panels on those on lower levels. Stacking them to eliminate the shadow possibility is made possible by hinging the panels and using small motors to keep the panels aimed at the sun throughout the day.

They would not only have to rotate up and down, but also left and right to make sure they achieve the most direct sun exposure as possible. The height of solar power tower is determined by the amount of power it is hoped to produce as well as the size of the panels in use. This type of arrangement is also being seen as more expensive as the cost of the additional panels will be higher than a single, large collector gathering light and heat from a multitude of mirrors.

Many advocates of solar energy are not sold on the use of a solar power tower to supply power to a large number of locations. They believe the best use of solar power is for each location to provide their own source of solar energy.

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