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Solar Power Panels Turn Sun Into Electricity

The component of renewable energy sources using the sun to produce electricity, are the solar power panels, which when aimed at the sun convert its heat into direct current electricity. While most electric operated devices in homes and businesses operate of alternating current, power generated by solar power panels can be stored in batteries and by using a converter, used to power alternating current appliances.

These converters are similar to the ones may people use in their cars or recreational vehicles to power such things as coffee makers, power tools and other items that run on regular household current. The difference is the electricity gathered through the solar power panels charges the batteries in the system and a charge regulator keeps them charged as the power is used by the devices. The size of the solar power panels also determines how much power is available. While a single panel can usually keep lights lit for several hours, adding more devices to the drain can be offset by adding more panels.

At the current price of solar power panels it may be deemed to expensive to design a system to power every device in an average home without backup power in the event of cloudy days as well as at night. Some appliances such as refrigerators and air conditions will use more power that most systems are capable of meeting, but for most of a household’s electricity needs, today’s solar power panels can allow most homes to break even in about five years.

Credits And Tax Breaks Take Sting Out Of Cost

The federal and state governments make investing in renewable energy more enticing through the offer of tax breaks, sometimes reducing the costs of buying and installing solar power panels by as much as 50 percent. Most of the solar power panels have a life expectancy of about 10 years and once installed the electric bills from the utility company will be eliminated.

Reliability is one factor that has many people reluctant to switch to using solar power panels as their sole source of electric power. Part of this caution is due to the still relative young age of the technology in whole-house applications and the partly due to the comfort level of having electricity regardless of the weather,

While solar power panels cannot work on cloudy days or at night, the produced power stored in batteries, is typically enough to power most devices throughout the night until the next sun cycle during which the batteries are recharged.

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