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Uninterrupted Power through Solar Power Kits

In countries where there is ample sunshine throughout the year, solar power is a major source of energy. If this energy is stored and used through solar power kits, it can save a lot of other energy resources like fuel and electricity. In many tropical countries the energy is just not utilized due to lack of finances.

It is expensive to set up solar panels in private homes, but there are many offers for do-it-yourself solar power kits to operate some home appliances. For this, you require an inverter at home, and you can start off small by putting together an 80-watt inverter. Since you already have the ‘starter’ solar system, you can expand on it whenever finances are available.

Common Devices used

There are solar power kits available for radios, calculators and children’s toys. As an example of a children’s toy, there is a solar powered airplane which has a solar panel and motor and even a 5-inch propeller. On the other hand there are large projects like tracker systems, power generators or water heaters which can be operated through solar power kits too.

Basically solar powered kits charge batteries which can be used for private residences as well as commercial houses. Solar energy now has various types of uses, like operating telecommunications equipment or water pumps, monitoring oil or gas flow, running security cameras, signaling of traffic and railroad and rural electrification, just to name a few.

A portable light with a solar power kit is ideal for places where no electricity is available, or if there is a shortage of electricity and there are frequent power cuts, it can be very useful. It can also be used during traveling like road trips, camping or hiking. A combination of a radio and a light is also available, and could be used for trips as well.

How Solar Power Kits work

A solar power kit includes a solar panel, a charge controller, the output cables and mounts. The kits are easy to install and are mainly used for charging batteries. These kits can also do a “trickle charging” of batteries, which means that the battery is charged continuously and does not get discharged. If the battery is used as a standby, this ensures that it is always fully charged.

There are various sizes of solar power kits ranging from 10 watts to 115 watts. When there is no electricity in the house, you can run small 12 volt electrical appliances through these kits, because they are designed to keep the batteries charged. Actually they can charge your batteries fully and depending on the strength of the batteries you can run bigger appliances with it.

Last but not least are the educational solar electronic power kits for children. They help to impart valuable education to them. We hope that children realize the importance of solar energy not only today but also in the future and they learn how to value and conserve energy in every way.

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