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Considering Do It Yourself Solar Power Installation

Solar power systems are a source of cheap, clean and sustainable electricity, that is as long as the sun is shinning. Solar power system allow you to power your home without adding to global warming and solar power protects you against rising utility rates. However before you decide on solar power installation at your house there are a few things you should consider.

You should consider how long you plan on living in your home since you canít take your solar power system with you, you will at least want to use it long enough to gain back some of your initial investment. So consider your payback rate and the number of years that you will need to live in your home until your system is paid for with the reduction of utility bills.

Next you will need to consider if you have a large enough space on your roof for the solar panels to be installed, they should be placed in an area that give you at least six hours of sun each day since solar cells work best when in contact with direct sunlight. You wonít produce much electricity with a south facing roof that is covered by large trees.

Finally you should consider the pitch of your roof. If you are doing a self solar power installation you should be comfortable walking on your roof. During a self solar power installation you will spend a lot of time on the roof, so if you think you wonít be able to stay on the roof for a day or two then you should consider hiring someone to install the panels for you.

Finding Power Retailers

Before you decide on a retailer to purchase your solar power system from you will need to do some research. Look up in the yellow pages for solar power retailers and then call each of them. When it comes to self solar power installation it is important that you buy from a retailer that officer technical telephone support. Also consider the company will help you determine how much solar power will work with your homeís electrical needs.

If possible you should review the solar power installation instructions before you purchase any solar power system. If you are order online then consider how your solar power system will be shipped. Also carefully read over any return policy and warranty for equipment or work.

By considering these aspects you can find the right retailer to provide you with the best solar power system and customer service when you choose a do it yourself solar power installation. Even if you donít install the system yourself you should consider using these tips to choose a local company that specializes in installing solar power systems in homes. While hiring someone will be more expensive, it may be worth it in the long run depending on your experience.

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