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Make A Big Splash With A Solar Power Fountain

The late, great Bruce Lee was once asked what the best advice he could give was. “Be like water, my friend,” he smiled. Water is formless, and yet is all forms. It is one and yet made of separate droplets all simultaneously. You can plunge your hand easily into it, and yet a feather or a flower petal cannot penetrate the water’s skin. Water is so contradictory and so hypnotic that no wonder we love to stare at it. Adding a solar power fountain to your property can make it not only look more enchanting, but add financial value to the property, too.

What Parts Are Solar Powered?

Although global warming seems like an insurmountable obstacle, every little step helps. Solar power is being used in many items like calculators, watches, cell phone chargers and solar power fountains. It all adds up. But doesn’t a fountain run on water power and not solar power? No, not really. Most fountains are man-made and run with electronic water pumps to keep the water moving. It’s those water pumps that can be successfully changed over to renewable solar power.

Where To Get Them

You can find solar power fountains and solar power pumps in real gardening, aquarium or home remodeling stores and their online equivalents. If you are having trouble finding them online, just type in “solar power fountain” into your favorite internet search engine and soon you’ll be spoiled for choice. One of the exciting new markets are solar powered objects stores, usually found online. They feature several kinds and sizes of solar power fountains and pumps for you to choose from.

The advantage of buying your solar power fountain from these online solar device shops is that you can also order replacement parts. Depending on the size of your fountain, the price (in US dollars) runs from $100-$200. You can choose from parts or whole aquarium kits. You can disguise any equipment with rocks, moss or driftwood. Lots of times the solar power panels can be positioned discretely away from the fountain, if you want.

Kits usually include a solar power pump, solar panels, wiring and sometimes different fountain head attachments to vary the water shape of your solar power fountain. Reputable companies offer warranties, as well. Before you buy, check to see that the company that sells your prospective solar power fountain has a return policy, a tech support number or email and a readable Privacy Policy.

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