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Solar Power Energy Facts You Should Know

In many ways you have likely been told many different facts about solar power energy. However, with all these so called facts floating around it can be difficult to tell which facts about solar power energy are really true and which are merely opinions. Therefore, it is important to get all the top facts about solar power energy before you decide whether or not solar power is right for you and your energy needs.

Solar Power Energy Facts

While solar power energy can go away at night it is always there and solar energy is a renewable resource. Solar power energy does not pollute the air with carbon dioxide, greenhouse gases or other bad emissions. Solar power energy works for heating water, drying clothes, heating swimming pools, powering attic fans, powering small appliances, producing light for indoor and outdoor use, and even powering cars.

On the other side, solar power energy can be expensive with the main cost being the main disadvantage and reason that many do not switch to solar power energy. In order to get a good level of efficiency you will need a relatively large area to install your solar panels. You can get different results from solar energy systems depending on where you live, such as Arizona and Alaska.

After installation, solar power energy can be very inexpensive to run since energy from the sun is free. Your utility company may even buy energy from you if your solar energy system is producing more energy than you use. By using solar energy you can make both yourself and your home independent, meaning you donít have to depend on foreign or other sources of energy that can go up in cost.

You donít need to connect to a gas or power grid in order to have a solar energy system. You cannot produce solar energy at night or if there is pollution or clouds that block out the sun. When there is a lack of sun you can have a battery backup system to provide you with your energy needs. Solar panels operate silently. If there is a power outage you will still have electricity with solar power energy. You can install a solar power system in remote locations. If you have growing energy needs then you can easily add more solar panels to match your needs.

Solar powered cars are not yet up to the level of other cars since they have a much slower speed. Using solar energy systems means you have power for a long time and there is very little need for maintenance. Solar energy technology is constantly experiencing improvements. These facts can help give you a more accurate picture of solar energy and help you determine if it is right for you.

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