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Portable Solar Power Helps Cut Gadget Cord

In this electronic age where portability is the buzzword, cell phones, PDAs, music players and countless other devices are designed with battery power in mind. Unfortunately, batteries do not last forever and they need either replaced or recharged on a regular basis. Many of the portable devised are made for people on the go and include rechargers that plug in a vehicle’s cigarette lighter and most can be used while the batteries charge. While away from home and away from the car, portable solar power can help provide the needed charge for many of the devices.

The military has been using portable solar power for quite some time to provide power for radios and other electronic gear that operate in 12-volt direct current, which is the output of solar cells. These lightweight folding packs can eliminate the need to carry heavy replacement batteries and work well for those troops who will out in the field for an extended period. The portable solar power packs can also be used to power rechargeable batteries so only the set in the device is needed.

Hikers and campers also find portable solar power packs to be beneficial when they will be away from what they call civilization for several days, during which cell phone batteries may go dead. Aiming the collapsible unit at the sun can provide about 12-watts of power, enough for most battery chargers.

Keep Campsite Illuminated With Daily Sun

Carrying a portable solar power unit on camping trips, especially one that includes storage capacity, the power produced during a sunny day can be used throughout the evening to keep the lantern lit. While the power produced by a single portable solar power kit may not be enough to operate any appliances, it can give a boost to all the recharging units of the entire family.

It may be possible to chain several units together to provide additional power, but that may detract from the portability of the portable solar power units, and could become bulky to carry. While most are enclosed in a durable carrying pouch or a suitcase-like package, their weight is not normally an issue, except when taken on long-range hikes.

For the people on the go who requires a lot of additional batteries to be lugged along with all of their other gear, packing portable solar power units to recharge their batteries as well as to operate certain gadgets in emergency situations, can be a life-saving decision.

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