No Ceiling To Opportunities In Roofing Franchise

Handy about the house? Want to be your own boss? Donít mind heights? Perhaps you should consider owning your own roofing franchise. You wouldnít just be dependent on the poor souls whose roofs leak, but you could clean gutters and inspect roofs as well, services people need more often. In fact, in America alone nearly $12 BILLION is spent on maintaining, inspecting and repairing the roofs over their heads.

Starting Tips

This might surprise you, but there are many roofing franchises out there. Cert-A-Roof is one and Great American Roofing Company is another. There are more and roofing franchise opportunities as more and more houses are being built or rebuilt. Donít just go with the first roofing franchise you discover. Do your homework and shop around.

Here are some things to look for in your prospective roofing franchise:

Any references? They should be able to provide you with the names and numbers of their current franchise owners for you to ask questions of.

How big is it? The more people, usually, the better your support system.

How long has this company been in business? Go with ones that have been around for years.

Find out what you are allowed to sell and where.

Find out if the roofing franchise is giving you your own territory, or do you have to share?

Will you be allowed to sell your roofing franchise if necessary?

Has the roofing franchise ever been in trouble with the Better Business Bureau or any other organization?

Get an attorney to look over any paperwork before you sign.

Why Not Go It Alone?

You have a van, a ladder and a good back. Why not just set up shop for yourself? Well, you can, but youíre swimming against the current. Going with a roofing franchise means they will usually give you training, equipment and an area to work in. Some even cover advertising costs. They can be the business mentors you need to get a new business off the ground. Some will even be roofing franchise branch owners that want to sell due to retirement. They will have an already established pool of clients for you to wow.

There are many franchise and business watchdogs out there to help you with your decision. They are on line, in magazines, and in the roofing franchise owners and workers themselves. Spend some time observing a typical work week for the roofing franchise you are considering. Be sure you can get along with many different kinds of people, and keep your sense of humor fine-tuned.

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