Using Metal Roofing

In recent years, metal roofing has become popular especially in the western US. Many homes in the mountain region of the west are having metal roofing installed because it looks good and lasts a long time and it wonít burn should there be a forest fire close enough to float hot embers into a residential area.

With a huge selection of possible options available, metal roofing is versatile. One downside is that unless people are familiar with how to install metal, they most likely will need a contractor to do the work. This will bring the cost up but not as much as conventional roofing because it installs faster than conventional roofing.

Metal roofing can be almost any color and if one of the standard colors isnít what the homeowner wants, metal roofing can be done in custom colors to suit the desire of the people. Sometimes people even go with a theme. With patriotism high, some people have done their roofs in the colors of the American flag.

The possibilities really are endless and the roof is only limited by the ownerís imagination and pocket book. Metal roofing will eventually fade in the color that it was manufactured. This doesnít mean that it looks bad and needs to be fixed; it will just fade to a more flat variation of the chosen color.

More About Metal Roofing

Metal roofing can increase property values for a home and in some states it saves insurance money. Having a light colored metal reflects the heat away from a home in the summer and holds heat in the home during the winter months. This saves heating and cooling costs. Some people worry that having a metal roof will increase the chances of their home being struck by lightning.

This is only a rumor; the fact is that if lightning were to hit the roof the entire roof would dissipate the electrical charge. Add to that the fact that it wonít catch on fire. A metal roof is actually better to have in areas where lightning is a common factor.

The type of home a person has regardless of the look can take metal roofing. It is now made to replace any style of existing roof right down to the design of the roof. If a personís home is clay tile or asphalt shingle or even cedar shake, metal is made to look exactly like other materials.

The big difference is that with a metal roof it will last two to three times longer than conventional roofing. It easily will out live its owners who have it installed. Also, metal roofing is coated with zinc and acts differently than other roofing. As soon as a conventional roof is laid, it begins to deteriorate. The metal wonít fail no matter how long a person lives. The overall cost associated with metal costs more in the beginning but will pay for itself in the long run of owning the home.

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